How A Shy Computer Nerd Consistently Closes SEO Clients Over The Phone For $1,000/m


“Hey, this is Daryl, you asked me to give you a call about your SEO”

“Hi mate, how are you?”

“I’m great thanks, how about you?”

Actually feeling anxious and terrified.

“Not bad”

“Great, so I wanted to have a quick chat about your online marketing”

“What sorry?”

“I wanted to discuss your online marketing. You said you were looking for SEO?”

I repeated myself, trying to speak more clearly.

“Who is this?”


“Daryl Rosser? You asked me to give you a call about your SEO”.

“Oh, sorry Daryl. I thought you were a friend of mine.”

We booked this call in at this time… Do I really speak that unclear? This is bad. How can I possibly turn this around and get the client?

“I’m just doing something at the minute, can I give you a call back in 2 mins?”

That’s it, blown it already. New record.

I agree. What else can I say.

“Sure, no problem. I’ll speak to you then.”


This was how many calls went for me.

And it sucked.

I know SEO. Really damn well.

But I couldn’t sell it. I plain couldn’t sell.

And that left awkward call, after awkward call.

Not sounding like an expert.

Getting blown off.

This was a warm call too, not a cold call, which it may seem like.

This prospect asked me to give them a call. Hence how they recognised my name – eventually.

Now, I’ll let you in on what happened after this…

The prospect called me back.

I ran them through my sales process.

I closed the deal!

No kidding.

$1,000/month for a minimum of 6 months.

Not a bad deal.

Especially with how it started.

Despite being a terrible speaker, I had a funnel.

And that funnel is what got me the client. Not my ability.

Of course, it didn’t start that way.

I remember one of my first calls.

“Hi this is Daryl Rosser calling about your SEO?”

“Oh, Hi Daryl”

“So I wanted to talk about your SEO..”


At this point I hesitate. What the hell do I say next?

“Uhh.. have you done any SEO before?”

I finally asked after 5 seconds of awkward silence.

I tried to come up with a few more questions on the spot.

I wasn’t prepared.

There was no structure to the call.

I thought I could some how sell them on my services on the first call.

I couldn’t.

Another time, another prospect.

I’d spent a week building out this epic proposal, I got the idea before and thought it would work wonders.

I tried it on a local company.

Got on the phone with the owner, Ashley.

First call.

Already created a proposal for them based on some research I did.

It was going well. He was responsive. He liked the proposal.

What he didn’t like however was the price.

$1,000/month. A nice round number.

This was my first try with this new proposal template, and I’d never charged that much before.

I was terrified. How many people will really pay this? Isn’t that a lot for local businesses?

I was wrong. But not this time.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t pay that much, it was that I couldn’t sell them on that much.

Something was wrong with my process.

It was obvious. So I changed it, again.

I heard the principle that the more forms of contact you have with a prospect, the more likely they are to buy.

So I added steps. Pushed back the sale to further in the interaction.

It worked.

I’ll explain on the next page.